Rugged Smartphones Athesi Professional

Very aesthetic design: thin, light but very resistant, this category of smartphones will fully seduce you. Whether you are a professional working in the field, a sportsman or simply someone who does not want to break his phone at the slightest shock: Athesi Professional smartphones are made for you.

More powerful and more resistant than other phones in the same category, Athesi Professional smartphones will surprise you: IP68 and MIL-STD 810G certified, they are ultra-resistant and waterproof, with features such as thermal camera, pulse sensor and CO2 gas sensor; major assets for sportsmen and women and high-risk jobs. Added to all these unique advantages is the option of a true integrated barcode reader.

Equipped with long-lasting batteries, Athesi Profesional smartphones will accompany you relentlessly, in your leisure activities or your daily tasks, all day long. Athesi Profesional, the French brand of ruggedized smartphones, is the ideal solution for your activity.