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Vehicle dock with wireless charging ATHESI

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Rugged smartphone AP6301
499.17 EUR
Rugged smartphone AP6301 - ATHESI

The AP6301 is a rugged smartphone with a 6.3-inch touch screen. It includes a professional FLIR LEPTON thermal imaging camera that captures heat sources and transcribes them into images. This camera facilitates the work of mobile technicians.

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Rugged Smartphone AP5801
374.17 EUR
Rugged Smartphone AP5801 - ATHESI

The AP5801 is a rugged Athesi Professional Series smartphone with a 5.8-inch touch screen. The phone has many features, including sensors to measure your heart rate and  a sensor to mesure pressure.

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Rugged Smartphone - AP5701
174.17 EUR
Rugged Smartphone AP5701 - ATHESI

The AP5701 is a ruggedized smartphone from the Athesi Professional brand, with a 5.7-inch touch screen, this smartphone has a long-lasting battery. It will be with you for several days without additional recharging, during your various travels.

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