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Rugged Smartphones Athesi Professional

Rugged Smartphone AP5701 ATHESI

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The AP5701: A phone created and designed to be used by as many people as possible in all circumstances.

A very aesthetic design: thin, light but very resistant, the AP5701 will fully seduce you. Whether you are a professional working in the field, a sportsman or simply someone who does not want to break his phone at the slightest shock: Athesi Professional smartphones are made for you.

Certified IP68/IP69K and MIL-STD 810G, the AP5701 is ultra-resistant and waterproof, with features such as quick unlocking by fingerprint or face detection.

Regarding interfaces thanks to its dual SIM port, the AP5701 can contain 2 nano-SIMs. It has a micro SD (32GB) OTG port, a 3.5mm jack port and a USB C port.

You need to lend your AP5701 but you want to limit access to applications and/or restrict data usage? Don't worry, the AP5701 is equipped with this feature as standard.

The AP5701 meets the military standard MIL-STD-810G and operates from -30C to +60C. It can withstand drops from 1.5m.

Equipped with a very high capacity battery of 5580 mAh, the AP5701 from Athesi Professional will accompany you relentlessly with a call autonomy of 23 hours.

The dual rear view camera allows you to take high quality photos by adding an incredible perspective.

SAR 0.166W/Kg

Major assets for sportsmen and high-risk jobs.

Open the box !

Athesi Professional, the French brand of hardened smartphones dedicated to your leisure or professional activity.


24.00 EUR
Vehicle dock with wireless charging - ATHESI

The vehicle cradle with integrated charger is the perfect accessory for users who need to easily view their phone in their vehicle while easily recharging it.
Indeed this all-in-one solution is suitable for the majority of telephones in terms of support. Thus, it will be the ideal companion for the Athesi AP5701, AP5801 and AP6301 phones in terms of maintaining in a vehicle.
Its induction charging functionality allows it to charge AP5801 and AP6301 equipped with this technology.

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16.00 EUR
Wireless Quick Charger - ATHESI

The Athesi fast wireless charger allows you to charge your phone at your desk using induction technology.
So the AP5801 and AP6301 can find a quick and easy way to recharge without going through a USB connection.

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8.00 EUR
Cigarette Light Charger 36W USB - ATHESI

The Athesi fast cigarette lighter charger is equipped with 2 USB ports. Its power allows it to recharge without forcing two products simultaneously.
The charger is suitable for recharging the high capacity batteries of the AP5701, AP5801 and AP6301.

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